Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Inventors

The JING Bits n' Bots program trains logic, math, technology, and creativity in the most fun way possible:

your children will put together circuits, program computers, and build robots!

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Our JING Bits curriculum is designed to give children in grades K-8 an understanding of the logic behind computer programming through fun programming projects. Our curriculum is aligned with Common Core Mathematics, Common ELS, and CSTA Computer Science Standards, so while your child is having fun creating their new game or their next app, you know that they are also applying valuable academic principles.

Our JING Bots curriculum has easy-to-use electronic building blocks that empower students to both understand and reinvent their world. Along the way, they engage in powerful hands-on learning in STEM/STEAM and gain 21st-century skills and mindsets.

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Engaged Learning for Your Child.

Fun Creative Lessons

Our lessons provide a complete learning system with interactive exercises, guided tutorials, fun creativity tools, puzzles, and more to make science fun.

Hands-On Learning

Learning by doing and real-life scenarios gives children a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.


We partner with world-class curriculum providers to keep things fresh and fun.

Made with Love

Jing Jing and Chris dreamed of a place where their own children could learn all these great lessons in one place... and so they created it. We strive for the best for your children, as we do for ours.

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9865 Businesspark Ave., Suite D, San Diego, CA 92131

More about the JING Institute

The JING Institute is San Diego's premier after-school program for families who want their children to learn useful skills for an increasingly multicultural, interconnected, and technological world; and need to make sure that their children are safe, happy, and among friends after school, but before going home.

Towards this end, JING offers three pillars of education: cultural-linguistic, physical, and technological-academic.

Cultural-linguistic: JING teaches Mandarin Chinese because it is the most common language on earth, because China is a rising global power, and because Chinese is a root language for many other Asian languages. JING uses Chinese songs, games, art, culture, and history to help the language come alive, and help our young students learn about other cultures.

Physical: JING teaches its students Chinese martial arts (Wushu) on the principle that healthy bodies promote healthy minds, and there is no other exercise as healthy and complete as Wushu.

Technological-academic: JING offers dedicated academic time and help for students to finish their schoolwork, and a regular rotation of Chess, Mad Science, and other fun classes designed to promote planning, analysis, strategy, scientific inquiry, and a willingness to create new things. These programs are meant to enhance our own STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) program, JING Bits, Bots, & Mathwerks.

We look forward to seeing you at our school.

 Please feel free to contact us any time: 9865 Businesspark Ave, Ste D, San Diego, CA 92131.    info @ JINGinstitute .com     858.578.8267

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